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Click on one of the spare parts links below for more details


2a           Roof Rack bars – pair

2b           Cross bar mounting feet (4)

2c           Cross bar aluminium tracks – pair

3             Interior Light

4             Stainless steel rear door hinge

5             Third LED brake light

6             Rear door frame inc glass – colour coded

7             Rear door glass

9             Rear Aluminium bar with sponge seal

10           Exterior Rear Door handle lock inc Barrel and Keys

11           Stainless steel wing lock hook plate

13           Rear door rubber seal

14           Hydraulic strut (shock absorber)

15           Water drain grill (left & right)

21           Front sliding window

24           Front glass locking system

25           Front drop down window (complete set)

27           Front drop down window latches

29           Fitting Kit including harness

32           Interior lock cover

33           Lift-up side door locking pin

34           Lift-up side door hinge

36           Lift-up side door hydraulic strut

37           Lift-up side door – solid right hand side (colour coded)

37           Lift-up side door – solid left hand side (colour coded)

38           Lift-up side door including glass panel

38a        Glass panel for lift-up side door (right side)

38b        Glass panel for lift-up side door (left side)

39           Lift-up side door Interior lock cover (pair)

40           Double side door wing locks (including locking rods)

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