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Next Gen Amarok Canopies

Discover the Perfect Canopy for Your Next Gen Amarok : Volkswagen

Elevate your Volkswagen Amarok‘s functionality and style! Upgrade your Volkswagen Amarok 2010-2022 or Amarok 2023+ with our high-quality canopies designed specifically for single and dual cab models. At 3XM, we offer a range of canopies to suit your needs and enhance your Amarok’s capabilities.

  1. 3XM Fleet Series Dual Cab Canopy

Designed to fit the Amarok dual cab, the 3XM Fleet Series canopy is the perfect balance of durability and functionality. It offers enough storage space for all of your equipment and accessories thanks to its roomy interior. Whether you’re a tradesperson or an outdoor enthusiast, this canopy is built to withstand the demands of your lifestyle.

  1. 3XM Black Edition VW Amarok Dual Cab 2010-2022

Make a statement with the sleek and stylish 3XM Black Edition canopy. Crafted to fit the Amarok dual cab from 2010 to 2022, this canopy not only offers reliable protection for your cargo but also adds a touch of elegance to your vehicle. It is sure to draw attention wherever you go with its blacked-out style and meticulous attention to detail.

Next Gen Amarok Canopy

  1.  Deluxe Smooth Series to Suit Amarok

Experience the premium features of the 3XM Deluxe Smooth Series canopy designed specifically for the Amarok. With its hand-laid fibreglass shell and smooth finish, this canopy combines durability and style to elevate your Amarok’s appearance. The deluxe interior features and refined design make it a perfect choice for those seeking a sophisticated canopy solution.

  1. Premium Smooth Series to Suit VW Amarok

The 3XM Premium Smooth Series canopy offers a blend of style and functionality. Designed to suit the VW Amarok, it features a durable construction and a refined finish. It improves the appearance of your vehicle overall and offers useful storage space for your stuff thanks to its clean lines and attention to detail.

  1. Tradepro Plus to Suit VW Amarok

Built to meet the demands of trade professionals, the 3XM Tradepro Plus canopy is the ultimate solution for those needing a rugged and reliable canopy for their Amarok. With its secure locking mechanisms, additional storage options, and durable construction, it provides peace of mind and convenience for tradespeople on the go.

Upgrade your Next Gen Amarok with a 3XM canopy and unlock its full potential. Experience the ideal fusion of sturdiness, usefulness, and style. Whether you’re seeking a sleek and elegant design or a robust and practical solution, 3XM has a canopy to suit your specific needs. Explore our range of single cab and dual cab canopies today and take your vehicle to the next level of versatility and elegance.

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